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I haven’t seen this video before and It took me a long time to decide if I was going to post it. My wife shouldn’t see this.
She has invented some rather creative uses for the Emla numbing cream herself. But this one is almost pure evil!
Probably really hot and amusing to think about for people who haven’t experienced long term chastity but you should try staying without orgasm or release for two months and see for yourself how frustrating this must be for the poor fella…

Humiliation orgasm

Discovered a fun humiliating way to cum it combines a ruined orgasm with a facial just masturbate like your going to cum all over your face but just as you cum stop stroking and ruin it this causes the cum to stream out of your cock and, if your a real slut, straight into your open waiting mouth. This is an incredibly degrading way to cum would love to do it for a mistress.

I often do this and its great any one who likes the idea do it and message me tell me all about the humiliation lol poppy x

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